"You know I am the tallest in the class, and I'm smart, but I'm still scared to walk down the stairs by myself."

Johnny, Age 5

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Ann Bingham Newman,PhD,MFT
I imagine you found this site because you are losing sleep worrying about your children. Maybe they are having problems with you, your family, their siblings or their friends, or at school. I can help you with these problems....

Or perhaps you have found this site because you are feeling like you need help with your separation or divorce. You may feel overwhelmed. 

Divorce is a confusing and uncertain time. This makes it a very emotional process. Life can feel chaotic. You may wonder if you will recover from your hurt, anger, and fear.......... 

If you are facing the possibility of separation or divorce, don’t go through it alone. Go to 
www.peacefuldivorcesolutions.com. The choices you make now will impact you and your family’s future for years.

I am a licensed MFT with years of experience who specializes in working with children and families coping with separation or divorce. I am also a Divorce Mediator and a Collaborative Divorce Child Specialist.

Often children can benefit from support during times or stress and crisis. A therapist can help your child be more resilient and clarify misconceptions.